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Monday, December 6, 2010

You know it’s one of the best parts of “the season”…buying toys and fun gifts! You are thinking about that child and trying to figure out what would make him or her squeal with delight! That’s one of the holiday’s best gifts to give YOURSELF! So, OK, we have to think about a few issues to make certain it is not only one of the best gifts they’ll get this year, but also one of the safest.

First, if you are buying for a child other than your own, ask yourself if you need to talk to the parent to see if the kid/s already “has one.” This is especially true if it is a video game or movie. Maybe the parent is going to give it to them already. You don’t want to be THAT guy! Another issue might be that the parent/guardian may not approve of the game/movie. Which reminds us, always make certain how the game/video is rated; G, PG, PG13, etc. No child should be viewing a movie or playing with games that are meant for adults.

Next you need to review how SAFE the gift is. (Safety tips are provided by the nonprofit group Safe Kids Worldwide.)

*Choose toys appropriate for a child’s age and development.

*Avoid toys with small, removable parts, which may pose a possible choking hazard.

*Look for high-quality design and construction.

*Keep kids’ hearing safe: Avoid toys that produce loud noises.

*For kids younger than 8, skip toys with heating elements or sharp points and edges. Even if a child is older, they should ALWAYS be supervised with those types of toys.

*Avoid toys with strings and straps longer than 7 inches, as they may pose a strangulation risk.


SO, with these tips in mind, these gifts might be great for your gift-giving!


1-3 -- Books, blocks, “fit-together” toys, push and pull toys, and pounding toys.

3-5 --Active toys like swings, slides and tricycles, or maybe art supplies and books

Balls are great for all ages, especially if you add a net, hoop or racquets!
Books about something they like, is always good too.

Kitchen Gadgets What new chef wouldn’t like a personalized apron or his or her own kitchen tools (or gardening tools).

9 and Older -- may like team games. Quality sports equipment: jump ropes, basket balls, soccer balls, bicycles and skateboards. Remember the safety gear for each!

Gift cards to the movies, a musical, a childrens museum, zoo, bowling or skating is always good. (You might want to make certain the gift card pays for at least 2 people, so the child can have an adult go with them!)

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