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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Babysitters have been a part of our culture since the advent of babies. The stereotype of the teenage girl coming over to sit with the little ones while the parents enjoy a night out has been in our mind’s eye since “Leave it to Beaver” (okay…I’m dating myself). Today’s world is no different: Parents still need a night out once in a while to “get away”. It’s healthy for them, and it’s healthy for the kids. As parents however, you need to be certain about whom you are leaving your children with. As the season for Holiday parties gets into full swing, here are some basic things to consider before ever leaving your children with anyone:

1. Unless you know everything about this person, get references.
2.Ask for recommendations from other parents who have used this person
3.Interview the person before ever leaving your child with him\her…even if they are a licensed childcare provider. You should still interview them to get their philosophy on child rearing, discipline, and whether or not they have a clear and up-to-date understanding about what to expect from young children
4.Have they ever attended a “Safe Sitter” program (or something similar)
5.Do they know CPR?
6.How much experience do they have sitting for the age group in which your children fall?
7.Have you ever noticed ANY impatient or violent tendencies toward anyone or anything?
8.Make sure and leave all emergency numbers, and reinforce that it is fine if the sitter has to use them.
9.Tell your sitter that it is not okay to have guests over while they are sitting. You do not want strangers around your child whom you have never met or interviewed.

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