Prevention Benefits EVERYONE!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Child abuse prevention is about more than the prevention of the negative. It’s about the promotion of the positive. Merely keeping children from harm isn’t enough.

Let’s say you have a garden, full of flowers and vegetables. Do you work to simply keep your plants from harm by putting up barriers to keep out deer, rabbits and other pests? Or would you rather have a flourishing garden, full of strong, healthy plants? Achieving the second result calls for a different kind of work, one involving nurturing and strengthening the plants as opposed to just protecting them. Yes, it takes more work. But the result of that work becomes evident in the harvest.

As a nation, we can work together to strengthen our communities, making them places where all children have an equal opportunity for healthy growth and development. When we do this, we all benefit. Healthy, productive children grow into healthy, productive adults. They become workers and taxpayers, adding to our country’s economic strength.

And many become parents, raising the next generation. It is our responsibility as adults to steward the next generation. The future of our society depends on the opportunities we provide for kids today. If you’re not already involved in prevention, consider getting involved. Check to see if your county has a chartered Prevention Council. You can find out here. If your county doesn’t have a Council, contact us to find out how to start one. Call us at 317-775-6439!

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