May is Family Wellness Month!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Positive Thinking/Positive Self Talk…legacies we want to leave with our children!
Whether or not you’re naturally a “half empty or full” kind of person, there are real benefits to trying to be positive! It doesn’t mean you stick your head in the sand and deny life’s yucky times. It just means you attempt to approach unpleasantness in a more positive and productive way. And, pessimists take note: you can learn positive thinking skills! For one, changing your self-talk; that stream of messages we say to ourselves, (or repeat someone else’s messages to ourselves.) These thoughts can be positive or negative. You have the power to change them to become more positive. Here’s one from my recent past: My techno-savvy friends often tease me about my “user-errors,” due to “my slow to embrace” technology usage. It’s OK, I say to myself as I laugh along, I’m more of a “people-person” and that suits me just fine. HEALTH BENEFITS OF POSITIVE THINKING *increased life span *lower rates of depression *lower levels of distress *better psychological & physical well-being *greater resistance to the common cold *reduced risk of death from cardio. disease *better coping skills during hardships/stress FOCUSING ON POSITIVE THINKING *Identify areas to change. Think of areas of your life which you feel negative, and work on one area at a time. *Check yourself daily. *Be open to humor/acting silly/laughing. *Follow a healthy lifestyle. *Surround yourself with positive people. *Practice positive self-talk. Lastly, be aware of messages you’re passing onto your children. Don’t name-call, swear at them, or put them down. They’re just learning about themselves and things in life…encourage them to think positively too! Great legacies to pass on! (Surmised by Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc./Source: By Carol Cochard Pool, MSW Prevent Child Abuse, IN

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