STD’s…Parents it may be time to talk!

Monday, April 16, 2012

WebMD says young people are starting sex younger, and having more partners…and that is why more of them are getting STDs earlier. Is it time for one of many talks about STDs? OK, we all agree this is not a topic we WANT to discuss with our kids…BUT WE HAVE TO. It’s unlikely to come up on TV or in a song, so come prepared with hands-on pamphlets, or have the conversation at the computer. Here are some conversation starters: Did you know: 1. 1 in 4 teens have an STD? 2. People can pass it on, without even knowing they HAVE it? 3. STD’s in women can cause cancer OR make them infertile? 4. People are still dying from HIV/AIDS? 5. WebMD has some actual photos of STD, to look at together. It’s good to know MOST STDs (STI-infections) can be cured with medicine. And, WebMD has some good photos to look at together. But the best way to prevent is to not have any sexual contact. If couples are going to become sexually active, they can reduce their chances of getting an STD by: 1. Be abstinent for as long as possible or be in a monogamous relationship (both partners are each other’s only partner.) 2. Remember the more partners, the more risk. 3. Correctly and consistently use a male latex condom. 4. Have regular check-ups. 5. Learn the symptoms of STDs 6. Avoid having sex during menstruation. (HIV is passed more easily.) 7. Avoid anal sex or use a condom. 8. Avoid douching. It removes some natural protection. This and so much more information about this topic can be found at conditions/sexually-transmitted-diseases By Carol Cochard Pool, M.S.W.

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