Let's B U I L D a Healthy Kid!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Did you know some social scientists believe that EVERY SENTENCE we say to a child impacts his or her development? Wow, pretty heavy stuff. Fostering a kid’s self-esteem needs to be a goal for all of us. It is one of the best and most important gifts we give a child. Self-esteem is a person’s core belief about himself/herself. A healthy self-esteem will help a child make good decisions throughout a lifetime. (We should acknowledge that self-esteem is a life-long process that may fluctuate throughout one’s life.) Professionals agree that parents/caregivers can foster children’s self esteem by nurturing these 3 areas: 1. Helping them feel that they belong within their family. 2. Helping them feel that they can accomplish things. 3. Helping them feel they can contribute/cooperate in the family, in worthwhile ways. Becoming a healthy individual doesn’t happen overnight. Getting a good start during childhood is important. It’s one of the most vital gifts we give our kids…healthy self-esteem.
Taken in part from: webmd.com/guide/helping-your-child-develop-healthy-self-esteem From: Carol Cochard Pool, MSW, PCAIN Prevention Education Specialist

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