Investment in child-focused services must continue

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In response to a study published in Pediatrics Monday, which revealed an increase in child abuse since the start of the economic recession in the U.S. in 2007, Jim Hmurovich, President of Prevent Child Abuse America, released the following statement:

"During these continuing difficult economic times, it would be easy to forget that investments in innovative programming focused on services such as home visiting and Shaken Baby Syndrome prevention must continue, despite financial constraints. It's also easy during tough times to minimize the importance of such services, which places additional stress on parents, teachers and other members of the community who play a role in child development.

"However, this study demonstrates that continued investment in prevention services is absolutely necessary. Parents, teachers and community members depend on the support of these services and that's why Prevent Child Abuse America helped found the National Movement for America's Children. We're working to create a National Strategy for America's Children, to ensure that policies and programs are put in place and maintained to provide every child in America with an equal opportunity for a healthy childhood and development.

"Spending vs. cutting is a debate we've held in our country many times. Yet, absent from the discussion is the question of how we, as a nation and a society, ensure our economic stability, while also recognizing the critical economic importance of healthy child development."


Prevent Child AbuseAmerica, founded in 1972, works to ensure the healthy development of children nationwide while recognizing that child development is a building block for community development and economic development. We believe that communities across the country are doing innovative things with great results to prevent abuse and neglect from ever occurring, and what we need to do as a nation is commit to bringing this kind of ingenuity to communities everywhere. Based in Chicago, Prevent Child Abuse America has chapters in 47 states and 387 HealthyFamilies America sites in 36 states.

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