13 Quick Ways to Avoid Allergies Around the House

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Allergy victims seem to be “popping up” everywhere! Here are 13 ways to make your home a nicer place for these folks suffering from allergies. (Taken from My Allergy Guide, From the makers of Zyrtec.)

1. Get daily pollen counts.
2. Spray allergen-reducing sprays inside any space; car, home, office.
3. Get a (HEPA) filter for air filter and vacuums.
4. Minimize dust mite matter. Wash sheets/blankets in hot water every week.
5. Keep pets off upholstered furniture/beds. Wash your pets regularly.
6. Wash your kid’s stuffed animals weekly in hot water.
7. Shower or bathe before going to bed.
8. Avoid or limit your time in spaces that are irritating. Know your limits!
9. On high pollen count days, keep windows/doors closed.
10. Take a break and plan a trip to a “lower level pollen count” place!
11. Stay off the grass. Exercise on asphalt, the beach or gym.
12. Don’t dry your clothes outside.
13. Watch what you wear. Use a mask when mowing or raking, long sleeves/pants help too.

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