April is Alcohol Awareness Month AND Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alcohol and other drugs are often linked to child abuse and neglect. Statistics demonstrate that clearly every year. Many children who grow up with drugs or alcohol in the home have an increased risk of early experimentation due to its being so readily available.

People need to remember what the true priority is in their lives…their CHILDREN. Their children can be their incentive to taking control over their lives.

Other helpful steps might be:

Keeping all drugs, legal or not, locked away from children. Keep alcohol locked away as well. Making or selling drugs is illegal, and can lead to your being away from your family for a long time. Even the controversial, “marijuana should be legalized,” can be a “gateway” drug to other more addicting drugs…especially for young people.

Admitting you might have a problem is the first step. There are many places that want to help folks with addiction problems. Please call 1-800-CHILDREN or 211 for more information. Help exists; seek it out.

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