Cold Weather Safety and Kids

Monday, January 24, 2011

OK, I get it, as we age we may not appreciate the cold weather like kids do! Snowball fights, making snowmen (and women), snow forts, and snow angels really are a blast for children. No one can deny how beautiful that first snowfall can be! Of course, the dangers of the ice and cold are no fun for anyone. Here are some thoughts on keeping children safe and warm during the cold weather season.

*Adequate heat in the home, car

There are home heating assistance programs. In Indiana, call 1-800-Children, or 211 for more information.

Please heed any warnings about space heaters and fireplaces in the home.

It’s a good idea to keep a blanket in the car, and perhaps extra clothing.

*Warm coats, hats, gloves, boots and sweaters are all necessary. See local clothing banks in your area for free or low cost apparel.

*Watch the weather stations! Day to day, and literally, moment to moment weather and wind chills can change!

Children waiting for the early morning bus could be especially at risk with the cold. Give kids playing outside after school guidelines. Remind “latchkey” kids who they can go to for help, if needed.

*Warn and watch kids who could be playing or skating on ice or sledding near trees.

*Preteens and Teens – This group often think it’s “not cool” to wear warm layers or coats. Shorts and flip flops are very trendy right now! Talk to your older kids. Help them choose “cool” warm clothes, which they WILL wear!

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