Premature Babies

Monday, November 8, 2010

We know that the sooner we can provide care to our children, the better. We also know that it can’t happen too soon…in fact as soon as we know we are expecting! Moms, dads, and babies need extra care during that important time between conception and birth to insure that the health of everyone involved is maintained. Taking extra care is always advised, but it may also help in preventing premature births, which are a grave health risk to babies.

Prematurity is defined as any pregnancy lasting less than 37 weeks, and unfortunately the rates of premature births has increased in the United States since the early 1980’s (although there has been a small decrease since 2008). Due to brain, lung, and neurological development, it is critical that as much as possible be done to insure a baby comes to full term. It may be critical for the health of the mother as well.

There can be several reasons as to why a baby is born prematurely, but we would like to mention some which may not be as commonly known, and which can be somewhat under the control of the parents-to-be.

1.Be certain to receive prenatal care. If there is a concern about how to pay for care, there are several clinics that provide very low cost prenatal exams.
2.Don’t smoke while you are pregnant, and beware of persistent second-hand smoke as well.
3.Eat nutritionally balanced meals
4.Reduce stress as much as possible
5.Being in a domestic violence situation also increases the risk of premature births
6.The use of alcohol or drugs
8.Working long hours while standing
9.If there is a short time period in between pregnancies (under 18 months).
10.Youth under 17 or women over 35 may also be more at risk

There are also many medical conditions which may contribute to premature births, and many times, it is due to something that is beyond the control of anyone. We urge you to research this issue further, and just understand the importance of self-care, for that surely will help you and your baby!

Some of the information in this blog was gleaned from the March of Dimes at

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