Stress Management Tips

Monday, April 5, 2010

Adults understand what stress is, and feels like, even though we may experience it differently. Various life situations affect individuals differently. Coping strategies are learned, or not, and play a huge part in terms of how we deal with stress.

The recession has “taken” many victims. People are not only stressed, but depressed…sometimes isolating themselves with worry about their future, and their children’s future. Financially and emotionally, people are strapped while relying on family members, friends, and social programs to assist them during this time.

So here are a few tips:

1. Breathe. Many, many individuals are in the same boat with us. We are not alone. But deep breathing when stressed, and practicing some relaxation techniques, can be helpful.

2. Seek out people and resources. Having at least one person to talk to is important. Friends and family are very valuable, and we need to continue to seek them out. Perhaps speaking with a therapist, clergy person, or joining a support group would be advisable. This is no time to “tough it out alone.”

Here in Indiana, we have a 211 “Help Line” for ANY type of social service. (Note: it may not always be 211 in your area, but there IS a resource number in ALL areas.) These lines can connect you with a multitude of services, e.g. crisis lines, assistance with heating bills, many different services. Calls can be anonymous too! For assistance with parenting issues, there is also the 1-800-CHILDREN line.

3. Get your 3 HEALTHY basics done each day: Eat and drink well (no, I don’t mean “drink your misery away.” I mean drink plenty of water and healthy drinks!) Get your rest, and exercise. It’s most important that YOU take care of YOU, before you can ever take care of someone else, like YOUR CHILDREN. They deserve our best!

These are just a few tips. We can and should try to cope the best way possible. If not for ourselves, for the people in our lives! Please visit the Mental Health America website for further tips.

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