Brain Injury Awareness Month

Monday, March 8, 2010

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and we would like to provide some information and prevention tips so that everyone will remain safe, and then hopefully keep the people in their lives safe. Brain injuries can occur from a blow to the head, or if something were to penetrate the skull and enter into the brain. Injury can also result from a violent shaking motion, like that which is found in Shaken Infant Syndrome\Abusive Head Trauma. When this type of injury does occur, it typically happens with babies, but it can also occur in older children (ages five to six years). Children’s brains are under developed, so they may be at greater risk for brain injury if they sustain head trauma. That is why it is especially important for children to wear helmets while participating in many activities. We want to include several tips, but these suggestions are not all inclusive. For more information, you may visit

1. Buy and use tested and approved helmets, especially while biking, skiing, playing sports, riding on motorcycles or ATV’s, or horseback riding.

2. Children wearing helmets while playing soccer is also suggested…especially younger children

3. Do not dive into water where you see debris, or where it appears too shallow (definitely not into water that is less than 12 feet deep).

4. Make sure children are participating in age-appropriate activities.

5. Wear seatbelts.

6. Be certain that fields where sports take place are kept safe and free from debris, and insure that sporting equipment is up-to-date and not damaged or poorly maintained.

7. Never have loaded guns in areas where children can obtain them. Keep guns locked up and unloaded, with ammunition kept in a separate location.

8. Make sure your home, school, place of employment, childcare facility, etc. is safe. Check rugs, stairs, windows, handrails to insure everything is secure.

If someone were to fall and strike their head, or receive any type of head injury, be certain to consult a medical professional immediately…even if that person appears to be okay, or even if the fall was from a seemingly “short distance”. Symptoms of a head injury can be vague, or may appear later, and then it may be too late. Never fool around with a head injury!

Some information was gleaned from Neurosurgery Today

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