My Experience With Poisons and My Kid

Monday, January 4, 2010

Here’s my story: Imagine you’re babysitting for a family member who needs time away from their toddler. (Sounds like I’m a saint, right?) I bring my toddler, so the two can play.

You’re semi-aware that your relative chews tobacco, but you don’t give it a second thought as you happily watch the two-year-olds at play. Then you notice your lil guy carrying around a shiny pop can…and it hits you…did he just drink whatever’s in that can?

Horrified, you confirm your suspicions…Yep, that’s NOT pop, but a thick, brownish substance (I’m being real nice here, calling it a substance!) in a “recycled” can, that your not-so-favorite-anymore relative left behind for your curious two year old to find! Yuck!

Immediately I remove all cans from the immediate area, and called 911 for poison control. (1-800-222-1222). All ended up fine that day, but did my relative get an ear full!

The point is that poisons surround us all every day. Young children have no idea what’s dangerous and what is not. IT IS ALL OF OUR JOBS TO WATCH OUT FOR ALL THE CHILDREN. This is one of my main messages, as I teach our prevention classes.

Another terrific poison awareness tool brought to my hometown came from our local “4-H’ers”! Some of them had put together displays which demonstrated how common household items either looked, or were similar to, VERY DANGEROUS items around the house…for example: red pills look exactly like candy; medical creams look like toothpaste; anti-freeze looks like juice and has a sweet taste too, etc. (Actually, toothpaste can be dangerous if ingested!) The display demonstrated how scary common items could be! Thanks “4-H’ers”!

American Association of Poison Control Centers. Poisoning is one of the MOST COMMON childhood injuries! FOR MORE GREAT TIPS visit

Contributed by one of PCAIN’s Prevention Education Specialist’s

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